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Not a Bin

Interesting way of disposing of rubbish.


An awesome dress, near Exeter Cathedral.

Charlie and the Penguin

Three shots, all processed quite differently in onOne Perfect Effects, then stuck together with DoubleTake. A penguin playing with dots of light, just like cats do, watched by Charlie.

Tree and Sun

A joiner from PanoEdit, made up of a few photos of the trees, with the sun shining through them. The result didn’t include the starburst effect that was in a couple of the images, so I processed one of them…

Relaxing in the Sun

A woman with red hair relaxes in the sun, in the grounds of Exeter Cathedral.

Seated in the Sun

A sunny day in Exeter. A woman sits on a stone bench in the sun.

Teignmouth Beach Pano

Quite a lot of photos. All joined together by PanoEdit. The JPG file it produced was 53Mb, and 328 megapixels. There was a lot going on there though, so it needed a lot of pixels.