Mango, also known as Tiverton Tesco Cat. He spends a lot of time in Tesco, usually around the doorway. He enjoys the warmth, and they often have comfortable things to sleep on. For this shot, he was resting on a stack of duvets. Smart kitteh.

Tiverton Tesco Cat – Mango

One day, as I entered our local Tesco, there was a cat. In the store, sitting down on the doormat. Under the heaters, on a cold day. Smart cat. Seemed to be enjoying the attention, as every child and most adults who passed stopped to give him some affection.

He turned out to be a regular, sometimes around the entrance, sometimes inside the store. He’s called Mango, and has a page on Facebook. With, at the time of writing, 1783 likes. Popular puddy.

Mango.  Chubby little kitteh.