Sunset Time Lapse

A video taken using the NEX-6 time lapse app – 30 seconds long, but took around 20 minutes to film.

Or if the embedded video doesn’t show up for you, it’s on Flickr here.

Here’s the setup – camera sitting on Gorillapod, in the spare room window. Trying to point the camera between splats of bird poop.

2013-05-24 21.07.57

The length of paracord you can see tied to the camera is just attached to the window frame above, so if the cat decided to knock the camera off the windowsill, it wouldn’t fall far.

Time Lapse Photos (or Videos)

When I bought my new Canon G9 recently, I thought it was kind of cute that it could do time lapse photography, but I didn’t think it was something I’d ever really use. I’ve actually ended up using it quite a bit.

It’s just like shooting video, except it only takes one frame per second. The result is a high-speed video, compressing minutes of reality into a few seconds. It’s almost the opposite of photography – in photography, you’re chopping reality down to a single instant. Here, you’re taking a chunk of time, and compressing it down to not much more than an instant.

Here’s Sam climbing the steps at the bottom of Tiverton park: