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A fern at the side of the road on Canal Hill.


I think this fence was looking at me.


A fern on a wall. On Canal Hill.

House Peekaboo

A house peeks over the hedge. Taken on Canal Hill, near home. I liked the way it looks like kitty ears.

Not the Police Station

The doorway of the old police station just off Canal Hill in Tiverton. They moved out some time ago, which is a bit of a shame, as the building is rather nice. There was a glass room with a balcony…

Fern and Blurred Signs

We needed a sign, but I was too busy focussing on a fern. Taken on Canal Hill, near home, in Tiverton.

Eye Vee

Ivy Poking through a fence on Canal Hill.

Triangle Fence

A fence on Canal Hill, where we live. Pointing at the road.