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Photos taken with (or occasionally, perhaps, photos of, or articles mentioning) the Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm f/1.4 lens.

It’s a great little lens that I used on my Sony NEX-6, and now use with my Alpha 7. It’s a useful focal length for general use, wide enough aperture to be able to get quite shallow depth of field, and it’s small and light. Handling is great, as is build quality. Images get noticeably soft and warm at f/1.4 (though not excessively so), but it gets decently sharp and ‘normal’ when stopped down a stop.

Flowery Dress

A woman wearing a pretty vintage-style dress at the Turner Locker Barnfield Revival event in Exeter, in 2017.

Fish on a Rhino

Fish painted on the side of a rhino sculpture in Exeter.

Not Shooting Wide Open

I tend to shoot any lens wide open – at its widest available aperture – whenever I can. When I can’t because it’s too sunny, I’ll sometimes use a neutral density filter to cut the light down so I can.…

Exeter Pride 2017

Sam and I went to Exeter Pride – it was my first Pride event. I’m not really part of the LGTBQ thing – I’m straight and cis, but I do support the idea that people should be however and whoever…