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Tree Fog

A tree, emerging from the fog, one morning, from our front door.

Biome Wall

The wall of one of the biomes at the Eden Project. It was raining. Quite a lot.

Leaf on Window

A quick shot before getting out of the car at home. A leaf, stuck to the window by the rain. Processed in onOne Perfect B&W, taking out most of the colour with my Dark Drama preset, then adding some back…

Layered Mist (Joiner)

We often get these odd layers of mist or fog in Tiverton. This is taken from the steps to our flat. It’s several photos, stitched together with PanoEdit, to avoid the effort of changing lenses. I am lazy, but I…

No Rain

Inaccurate windscreen is inaccurate.

Damp, but Happy

Visitors to the Mid Devon Show were not going to let a bit of rain spoil their fun. Edited in onOne Perfect B&W, with a little use of the brightness and detail brushes on the smiling woman’s face, to make…

A Mini Reflection

The front of a Mini, reflected in the light on the front of the mini.

Wet People at the Mid Devon Show

It rained. Quite a bit. Most people had coats, or umbrellas. I had a t-shirt and a hat. I did have a little raincoat for my camera, though, so I carried on shooting.