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Seaside Railings

Edited in onOne’s Perfect Effects to give a nice feel to the colours, and adding a bit of glow to the sea.

Today in Teignmouth

People of all ages, shapes and sizes were wearing as little as possible to take full advantage of this epic heatwave. Except me, of course. I admired the collective sense of “sod it all, it’s hot and I’ll wear just…

Wet Torquay

Drips of water hanging from a railing in Torquay, near the marina. Upside-down world. I framed an interesting reflection of the tree in a puddle, then waited for someone to walk into the frame, and complete the picture for me.

New Yahoo! Weather App for iOS

Weather apps on the iPhone are a great playground for app developers. I’ve tried a few of them, but keep returning to WeatherPro from MeteoGroup – it isn’t the prettiest, but it’s got lots of data, fairly well presented. When…

Foggy Morning

We get good fog here in Tiverton. Often, it settles into neat layers, but other times, like this, it just gets everywhere.


We were just discussing the idea of popping out to do a bit of shopping, despite the rain, when the rain was replaced with a pretty impressive hailstorm. My first thought was to grab my camera and run out in…

Our Icy Steps

We live in a top-floor flat, in a four-floor building. The door is on the outside, with metal stairs to get in and out. It snowed on Friday, then froze over the weekend, so they’re now covered in ice. Like…

Snowy Tiverton

We had a bit of weather yesterday. This was the view from outside our front door. Update: Another shot of our steps from today. The snow from yesterday is getting crunchy now. We have a delivery due soon from Tesco,…

A Frosty Trip Out

Yesterday, it was cold, so we hid in the flat. Today, we decided to face it. The car window was frosted into some pretty patterns, so I amused myself by photographing them while waiting for the car to warm up…

A Sunny Weekend

It’s been mostly good weather for the long weekend here. We even managed a walk on Saturday, which we’ve been failing on for quite a while. Grabbed this shot on the way back up Canal Hill to home: