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For Those About to Rock

…she salutes you. Well, she salutes someone, anyway. This one was actually done to be part of a joiner that should be the next post. I quite liked this pic on its own, though, so here it is. She reminds…

Soggy People at the Mid Devon Show

It was very wet. I had my camera wrapped in plastic, with just the lens poking out, so any shots I got were a bit random. I couldn’t see what the camera was looking at, and much of the time,…

Seated in the Sun

A sunny day in Exeter. A woman sits on a stone bench in the sun.

Exeter Cathedral Pano

Eight images, all processed separately with onOne Perfect Effects or Perfect B&W. Most of them are monochrome images, but two of them in colour. All then stitched together with PanoEdit.

Bright Girl is Bright

A brightly-dressed girl/woman (I never saw her from the front) at Exeter Food Festival. An outfit to make anyone smile. Tweaked for even more brightness with Color Efex Pro. Taken with an old Russian Jupiter-8 lens.

The Indecisive Moment

I’d been reading about Henri Cartier-Bresson, so I tried to concentrate on people more when photographing in Exeter. I was pleased with this shot. I was lined up to photograph the bench, and had got one shot already with someone…