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Sony A7iii

My current camera. To be honest, it’s not what I’d buy now if I was starting from scratch, but I have quite a few Sony FE lenses, and changing is expensive.

But that’s not to say it isn’t a good camera. It’s a great camera, and if it’s at all the sort of thing you’re looking for, I’d very much recommend it. It just doesn’t suit the photography I do now as well as some alternatives might.

It’s fast - without looking it up, I don’t know how many frames per second it can shoot at, but it’s plenty. The autofocus is quick and accurate. There’s very little lacking in it - and newer versions are, I’m sure, even better.

If I was buying now, doing mainly street photography (and, honestly, not that much of even that) I’d probably be looking at either a Fujifilm X100V or X-E4, or maybe a Ricoh GR3x. I’d expect the Fujis to be more engaging than the Sony, and the Ricoh to be smaller and lighter.

But I’d have to admit that neither would beat the Sony I already have in specs, or in lens availability, and would be behind in sensor size. So they’d all be a step down. Plus, if I change the style I do again, they’d quite possibly not be well-suited to other things. I don’t think there are any photos I could get with any of those cameras that I couldn’t get with my Sony.