A game, available on Windows and macOS. Early access on Steam, but in the time I've been playing, I've seen no crashes at all, and very few bugs.

It's a city building game with survival elements, where your citizens are beavers. Make basic resources, make factories to make more advanced resources, grow plants for resources. But also, manage water - store it, use it for power, manage the flow of rivers, irrigate crops.

A really fun game. I'm sure the survival elements can be quite challenging on harder levels, but I play on easy, and enjoy the big engineering projects it enables.

Diorama Build with Iron Teeth

There's a tiny 50x50 squares map called Diorama. My current 'project' in Timberborn is trying to build a fully featured city of beavers on this little map. It's a challenge to fit everything in, but it did turn out to be possible. I've used lots of big stacks of storage, and stacking any buildings that can stack, with more buildings on top of big metal platforms, so crops and trees can grow in the space under them. I modified the river flow to straighten it out, which simplifies the space usage a lot.

I changed the back of the map, flattening it all out, and added a little artificial river that meanders around at first, then mostly straightens to pass the housing. The end near the water has the fun entertainment stuff, then there's a big block of housing, using different variations of Barracks.

Bad One

My first new save with the Badwater update. I started fresh with this update, using the Waterfalls map, as it's changed a lot about the game. The documentation for the update seems to be suggesting that while old save files should load up ok, you probably want to start a new save.

The Waterfalls map has a big wide water source in one corner, and two badwater sources in the opposite corner. The main river meanders through the map after dropping down a waterfall, while the badwater also drops down a waterfall, then makes its way along one edge of the map, ending by blocking access to some metal and the only two mines.

I started by building the basics on the starting point at the riverside, damming across the river at a nice accessible point. I used the dam to get over to the other side, and used water dumps to fill a ready-made lake on that side, making a good big area of irrigated land.

Playing on Easy, and with almost all of my farming land irrigated by fluid dumps, my first Badtide didn't hurt too much, but I still wanted to stop future ones. I dynamited out a channel to loop out next to where the water came in, and added flood gates I could raise to send the Badwater straight back out of the map.