Tiverton Town Band in West Exe Park

We had a walk over to West Exe Park today, where Tiverton Town Band were playing a concert.  It’s not often you see a bandstand being used for its intended purpose these days.

Photos follow, but a brass band really needs video first:

Setting Up

Tiverton Brass Band - Flugel Horn

Tiverton Brass Band - Pegs

Tiverton Brass Band - Not Looking Promising

Tiverton Brass Band - Logo

The Horns

Tiverton Brass Band - Reflecting on a Trombone

Tiverton Brass Band - Trumpet

Tiverton Brass Band - Trumpets

Tiverton Brass Band - Trumpet - Through Railings

Tiverton Brass Band - Trumpet - Close-up

Tiverton Brass Band - Trumpet - Close-up 2

Tiverton Brass Band - Pipes

The Audience

Tiverton Brass Band - Part of the Audience

5 thoughts on “Tiverton Town Band in West Exe Park

  1. Hi Sam and Michael

    Thank you for coming to the gig on Sunday – hope you enjoyed your traditional English sunday afternoon treat – minus the cream tea!

    Michael – I will have to give you a little lesson on the instruments of a brass band…. the trumpets are “cornets”. However, may I just say – those photos are just lovely – thank you x x

    See you both on Thursday.

    Love Katrina x

  2. Thanks, Katrina. I knew I’d get something wrong, but I hoped you’d correct me 😉 It’s only with Wikipedia’s help that I got ‘Flugelhorn’ as one word…

  3. Wow, I had to leave a comment – those photos of the brass instruments, focused on the valves, are just amazing. They brought back many memories from years back (innumerable hours trying to learn to play the French Horn and Tuba).

    Thank you!

  4. Thanks, stephen. The curly shapes just amaze me, considering they have to add up to just the right lengths, including each of the extra bits the valves add to the tubing, to resonate at the right notes. Incredible design, even if they were done now using computer simulations, but these designs must have been worked out over years of trial and error by some very dedicated people.

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