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  • A New PigPog
    We’re on a new host, with a fresh start. Sorry about the unfinished stuff, and all the new posts for RSS users.
  • Portable Emacs-onna-Stick – USB Geekiness
    I had quite a phase of using Emacs a while ago. One problem I hit was that I'd find a great trick for using it for PHP and JavaScript stuff at work, then forget to copy the stuff to home. Then, I found a nice code-folding trick at home, and forgot to copy that to … Read more
  • Pilot Capless and Capless Decimo Review (AKA Vanishing Point)
    Thanks to our bosses-to-be at Cult Pens, we are in a rather lucky position – being able to revew both the Pilot Capless (Vanishing Point to Americans), and the new Pilot Capless Decimo, which has just been released in the UK. Cult Pens have the first official stocks in the UK, and one of the … Read more

About Me

I’m Michael. Hi. I’m an amateur photographer, in Tiverton, Devon, UK. Until relatively recently, I took a lot of photos, but rarely of people.

Now, I mainly do photoshoots with models.