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A curved bench in Exeter.

Seated in the Sun

A sunny day in Exeter. A woman sits on a stone bench in the sun.


A bench in Teignmough. Fun fact: the bench is blue. Well, ok, maybe not fun.

Torquay Marina

Torquay, reflected in Torquay Marina. The buildings don’t normally ripple this much. “What, you mean the way the sea stays steady as a rock and the buildings keep washing up and down? Yes, I thought that was odd.” — Ford…

Wooden Bench

It’s a bench outside our local Tesco, in Tiverton.

The Indecisive Moment

I’d been reading about Henri Cartier-Bresson, so I tried to concentrate on people more when photographing in Exeter. I was pleased with this shot. I was lined up to photograph the bench, and had got one shot already with someone…


A metal bench, shining in the sun, at Tiverton Pannier Market.