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Shoot Story: Finding a Model on Instagram – Holli

Once I’d done my first photo shoot, with Lauren, I wanted another model to work with. But where do you get models? I didn’t really know. And I couldn’t really afford to hire a model. I turned to Instagram. I…

Emu Blur

Speedy birds. This wasn’t quite the best shot I managed, but it was nowhere near the worst. Still, it’s 2013, so I just slapped a filter on it and called it art. It’s ok, just pretend this is Instagram.

A Walk by the Canal with the Sony SEL35f18

Quite a lot of the money I got by trading in my old Nikon equipment at [Wex](http://www.wexphotographic.com), I spent on a new lens – the Sony SEL35f18 – a 35mm f/1.8 e-mount lens for the NEX, with OSS (Sony’s optical…